What Is This Site? ?>

What Is This Site?

This website was started on March 27th 2016 by Duncan Rawlinson. I’m planning to make 1000islands.co the home for all my photographs and videos of the region. In the mean time if you want to see some of my other photographs head over to Photo.Duncan.co Right now I’m working on the actual structure of this site. I’m trying to figure out how to ensure that I can update all 1400+ pages on this site at once without losing data. As…

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New Pages Addded ?>

New Pages Addded

Today I added a video page, a boats page. I also added the following pages: Honey Bee Island The International Rift Cleopatra Island My Way Boat Alexandria Belle Airwaves Boat Miss Bridget Boat River Yacht Thousand Islander II Ivy Lea Club Restaurant

Progress is made ?>

Progress is made

This website is coming together. Today is March 28th 2016 and I have created the list of 1000 islands. The data was gathered from this source. I also added an about page and a contact page and linked up the Twitter account @1000Islands_co! Onward.

Hello world! ?>

Hello world!

Welcome to 1000Islands.co my name is Duncan Rawlinson and I’m going to be using this website to share my photographs of this glorious part of the world! This website was started on March 27 2016.